Houston, TX

Lunch | Up!

Looking for a special place to have lunch? Head up! Up Restaurant is on the top floor of a beautiful building in Highland Village. It’s just as fitting for a leisurely lunch after a busy morning of shopping as it is for a business lunch.

Whether you choose to sit inside or on the patio, you’ll have an amazing view of the bustling shops below.

I chose the patio. This was my view.

I originally chose Up because they offer gluten free pizza crusts and gluten free pasta. A pizza sounded sooo good, but their pizza oven was down when I went. Instead, I opted for the Prix Fixe Business Lunch (Shoppers too!).

I started with the crispy brussels sprouts and artichoke hearts with truffle aioli. These were crisp and packed with so much flavor. I could have eaten them without the aioli, but instead I dunked them so they were heavily coated and oh so delicious!

Then I had the sustainable Texas Red Fish filet – oak-grilled with green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in a citrus caper butter sauce. Order this for the sauce. It’s fresh and creamy and makes the dish.

The only choice you have for dessert is which two types of macaroons you want. They all sounded good, so I went for my regular favorite and a new one. On the left is the rose flavor and on the right is the salted caramel. I’ve never seen macaroons like these. They are indeed Texas-sized as the menu calls them.

Both tasted as they were named, and I found a little surprise in the middle as well. It tasted like a rose jam and actual caramel sauce inside each. If you try the other flavors, let me know how they are!

The reviews online are quite harsh, and I have to say, I agree with most of them. The atmosphere is among the coolest in Houston, and the food is just okay. However, I was told they have just gotten a new chef, so it might get better. My server was charming and attentive. They pride themselves on the 45-minute business lunch, and I was in and out in exactly that amount of time. It’s in a great location and has a great view. Give it a try, just don’t expect the best meal of your life.




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