Houston, TX

Pho Much to See

Despite the fact that my mom and sister have raved for years about how amazing the Phoenicia is, I had never been. That was until we had our {downtown date night}, and Phoenicia Foods was right across the street from our hotel. This place is fabulous for weekend shopping, a quick lunch downtown, or stocking up for a celebration or a hostess gift.




There are cases full of bright and fresh veggies, shelves full of specialty jams, sauces and spreads, and all kinds of chips and crackers for your holiday entertaining. We picked up a super good enchilada sauce that’s gluten free. There is also a nice selection of frozen gluten-free foods.


E bought a couple steaks that were HUGE and priced very affordably. They also have a large selection of coffees and teas, a great frozen fruit & veggie section, Mint Dagoba chocolate (which is an adventure to find in Houston), and massive amounts of cheese. We decided to try some of their string cheese with herbs & olive oil and OHMYGOSH it was the best snack ever. I would go back just for that string cheese.


Moving on…there’s a bakery. Even if I can’t eat any of it, I love smelling the yummy straight-from-the-oven smells and looking at all the baked good gorgeousness. They do have a basket of gluten free cookies, but they’re packaged, not freshly baked.



In the middle of the store, there’s a conveyor belt moving fresh-baked bread along. Phoenicia has a large beer selection, chocolate truffles and pretty much everything else you would need to throw a holiday party. Looks like a lot doesn’t it? We didn’t even make it upstairs, so there was more we missed!

Have you been? What’s your favorite thing to get at Phoenicia?




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