Houston, TX

Holidays in Houston: Christmas Cocktails @ Anvil


Who’s ready for some egg nog? The store-bought stuff just doesn’t do it for me, so E and I planned for a special night out to grab some Christmas cocktails!


Chances are, if you’re from Houston, or a Garden & Gun reader, you’ve heard of the amazingly unique cocktails Anvil produces. It had actually been a couple years since I had been, and I have to say, I like it even better now. The initial omgthisbarisawesome has faded a bit, and we snagged two seats at the bar, no problem. Two years ago, we’d be standing and getting our toes stepped on. One of the best parts about this bar is getting to see the bartenders work their magic, and I’m glad I finally got a front-row seat to watch all the action.


E even skipped the beer and went straight for the egg nog. But be very specific. We ordered egg nog, and the bartender gave us a blank look and finally told us he didn’t have a recipe for egg nog. E and I looked at each other very confused, checked the menu again, and then the bartender asked, “Oh, did you want the Baltimore Egg Nog?” Uh yeah.


The Baltimore Egg Nog has Cognac, Madeira, cream, a whole egg and freshly-grated nutmeg on top. They shake shake shake for several minutes, and out pours this delicious frothy Christmas cocktail.


We also shared a cheese plate, which we really enjoyed. I appreciated the large chunks of cheese, and the hazelnuts were warm with just the right amount of sea salt sprinkled on top.

So if you’re looking for a place to have a festive cocktail before the days get a little chaotic, head over to Anvil. You won’t be disappointed. What’s your favorite holiday drink?




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