Houston, TX

Houstonian / Hotel Review



See the train?


The Houstonian hotel is rustic and elegant, and so far, it’s my favorite hotel stay in Houston. When we drove up, I pulled my bag out of the back seat. In about 30 seconds, a man took it out of my hands and said, “You’re on vacation now.” Oh yes. When you drive onto the heavily wooded property, it suddenly feels like you’re in a different world. And you are.



The rooms have a large window, and all you can see is green. Gorgeous trees and lush greenery will be your view (very Twilight!). The bed was a fluffy marshmallow, and I felt like I didn’t get nearly enough time in it.


E was excited about the Keurig!


While the bathroom was nothing to write home about, I did appreciate the L’Occitane toiletries and a fully-stocked towel rack (and they gave us new towels with the turn-down service).


We were pretty hungry when we arrived, so we ordered room service. The calm before the storm.


I had the grilled salmon with vegetables, and it had a ton of flavor. E had the pasta and Italian sausage, and he said it was just what he needed before a night out. There was a garlic olive oil sauce at the bottom, good for dipping the bread.


We ate at Manor House and went to the New Year’s Eve party. See that post {here}.


The next morning we had brunch at Olivette, where they serve the best freshly-squeezed orange juice.


And they brought me gluten-free bread.


Everything you need is on the property: restaurants, pools, a fitness club and spa. It’s definitely a special place in Houston to get away, and it was a memorable start to 2013! Where’s your favorite place to stay in Houston?




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