Rosewood Mayakoba Getaway | Part 1

We make it through customs pretty quickly and jet past the frenzy of taxi companies eager for our business. We’ve done this before. We know where to go. And there he is. The sweet man that met us at the airport just three short months ago, holding up a sign to signal us. We chat for a few quick minutes, and then he informs us that our car is ready for us. A well-groomed man in a tan uniform opens the back door of an Escalade and presents cold, refreshing white towels on a silver tray. He opens the doors and inside, cold bottles of water await us. The sky is very cloudy. He tells us not to worry. The clouds will go away soon.


After a speedy thirty minute trip, we have arrived. To the jungle oasis known as Rosewood Mayakoba.



Javier pulls up to the circle drive, opens our doors, and immediately,  we are handed green welcome mojitos. Someone whisks us away to the check-in desk. It’s open air with a spiral staircase and metal stars dangling through it. The view is no less amazing than I remember.


To my right, there are gorgeous beds of cacti and bright pink and red flowers that contrast against the blue pools and tan stone.


To my left, I see green. Thick trees and a deep lagoon. We are warmly welcomed back and informed that they have upgraded our suite. I couldn’t have imagined a nicer place to begin with, and I’m pleasantly surprised and anxious to see our home for the weekend.


We walk down the spiral staircase to see a gentleman waiting for us on the dock. He takes my hand and helps me keep steady while I step onto the boat. Soon, we arrive at the dock labeled 104. When I realize we are right next to the spa, I get really excited.


We climb the stairs and Erick, our butler, walks out the sliding glass doors to greet us. It is indeed an upgrade.



My favorite part about the deluxe suite is that you can close off the living room from the bedroom.




Again, I am pleasantly surprised when I see the bottle of wine and cheese plate left for us.



My second favorite part about the deluxe suite is that there are two bathrooms. It is Mexico. You can never be too safe.


We begin snacking on the cheese plate and then both decide a real lunch would taste better. First, we must secure our bikes for the weekend. Last time, we didn’t act fast enough and they were all taken. We tell them our suite number and out come two bikes just for us.


It is an easy ride across the property to the beach, so we choose to eat lunch at Punta Bonita, which overlooks the pool and the beach.




I admire all the pretty cover ups while we wait for our food.


We start with some fresh guacamole and three different salsas.


E has the grilled fish tacos and they’re gone like that.


I splurge on the lobster tacos because on our last trip, everyone told me how amazing they were, but I didn’t have the chance to try them. They melt in my mouth. The sauce is juicy and delicious and it runs down my fingers. The tacos are spectacularly rich. After two, I pass my last one across the table. He happily accepts my offer.


We head back to the suite to relax for an hour or so before it is spa time. I fall asleep on our terrace with the sun beating down on me, and I awake feeling incredibly refreshed.


E and I bike to the spa.  It is such a short distance, the bikes are not necessary, but it’s fun to ride. E signs in to use the facilities. He is going to work out. I am welcomed back enthusiastically. We say goodbye and a nice young woman takes me back to the women’s locker room. She talks to me the whole way. I notice her English is a bit broken, but she is trying so hard to make me feel welcome, and I appreciate her trying. It means a lot to me. We walk into a room with dark wood-lined walls. To the right, the symbol for a woman. To the left, the symbol for a man. I think about E. I hope he goes into the men’s locker room to experience it.


It is magnificent. Just as I remembered.



I spoon oil into the wooden cup of granules, grab a towel, lose my robe, and enter the steam room. It smells of eucalyptus and brings my skin to life. I put the scrub all over my body. Soon, I’ve had enough. I step out and into the shower. Unintentionally, I turn on the top and side shower heads. I am washed from all angles. The granules disappear. I am ready for the cold pool. After one step in, I know I have to jump the rest of the way. The cold water wakes me up instantly. I get out and run across to jump in the hot pool.


As I am floating, it hits me. The mysterious and magical place makes me feel as though I’m an ancient bath in Pompeii. It’s dark, but small squares are cut out of the ceiling to let sunlight shine through. I hop into the cold pool once more to seal my pores, and then dry off and put on my robe.



I pour myself a cup of horchata water and make my way to the outdoor relaxation room. The waterfall trickles and birds sing. Before I know it, Jezabel has come for me. She guides me through the jungle along a wooden path. I think we are going into a small room that will have the doors open since I have requested the outdoor Island Massage. We make a sharp turn and then I see. It’s an open-air building overlooking the lagoon. Truly an Island Massage.



She guides me to sit in a wicker chair with thick cushions. Below me is a large bowl and a small dish with a dollop of scrub and a dollop of lotion. My feet are washed, scrubbed and massaged with lotion. There is calm music playing and I can hear the birds chirping. I am in the middle of it all. Soon I am ushered to the massage table. Jezabel lifts the sheet to shield her eyes and tells me to place my robe on the ground. This is a first. I’m more concerned with the people in the suite across the lagoon seeing me, but I quickly let that go, along with my robe. She massages me with raw cacao, which smells like chocolate, is a tiny bit grainy and feels delightful with the perfect amount of pressure. It is such an outstanding experience to be in nature while having a relaxing treatment. I’m pleased I made this choice.


When the massage is over, I’m ushered back to the chair to enjoy a natural fruit tea. I am hesitant at first, but I try it, and it is absolutely delicious.


I ask if it’s okay if I take a picture. Jezabel gets excited and grabs my camera. I was only going to take a picture of the view, and I’m glad she misunderstood. It’s a moment I don’t want to forget.


When I see the spa at night, it feels even more magical. She lets me enjoy my final amenity, as they like to call it, in the spa jungle under the baskets of light. There’s a large pond the deck overlooks as well.



The final amenity is a glass of hibiscus water and a small square of yogurt with mango. I quickly finish because I’m excited to get back to E and hear about his time at the spa. He tells me the men’s side looks identical to the women’s side. He loved the steam room. I take my time and enjoy the extra large bathroom and outdoor shower. It’s breezy outside and I take a hot hot shower. I love having full-size bath products. E brings me a glass of wine, and I finish getting ready for our dinner at Casa del Lago.

IMG_2925I can hardly wait to taste the gluten free, warm crusty bread that I’ve been dreaming about.


The bread comes with three dipping sauces. A tarragon butter, parmesan aioli and olive oil. I have a Rosewood Forest cocktail, which is like a margarita, but with rosemary syrup. E enjoys the Cadillac Margarita. I fill up on bread. I realize it’s a good thing I haven’t found good gluten-free bread in America.


E and I share the caprese salad. We each get a large plate and it’s wonderful. I’m not going to be able to eat my dinner. What a shame. My dinner comes. I ordered the grilled vegetable skewers for one reason and one reason only. The unique creamy green sauce that I had last time. It is a different green sauce and the skewers have lots of vegetables I don’t care for: peppers and eggplant. Thank goodness E is here. He helps me out. I’m glad I’m not hungry. E has the most mouthwatering prime rib. He gives me a bite and I can’t believe the taste in my mouth. It’s the best I’ve ever had. We look at the dessert menu, but I can’t fit another bite in my mouth. Usually that doesn’t stop me. Tonight it does.


We walk back to our suite, eager to see what the rest of the ultimate weekend getaway holds.

To be continued…



This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Hollywood, for encouraging me to keep writing. 


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