Rosewood Mayakoba Getaway | Part 2


I wake up to the sounds of nature, a cool breeze blowing into our room and soft linens swallowing me. I can’t imagine life getting much better than this. My only goal for myself during this trip is to sleep in, but I can’t. I cannot miss any more of this gorgeous day.


Walking down the steps to our dock, I take in the beauty all around me. There are fish everywhere in the lagoon. E I had planned on taking the boat tour with the biologist today, but looking at the sky, I think we both know that’s out.


{Top and Pants: Lululemon}

We pedal hard to get across the bridge and then weave around the landscaped path of the property. As we fly by every Rosewood employee, they look up and say, “Hola!” We reach the beach and turn around. It’s time for breakfast.



We walk into Casa del Lago and are seated immediately. There’s a large round table with stacks of different newspapers. E and I both grab one and sit on the patio overlooking the pool.The shades are drawn to block the sun, but are lifted just high enough so we can see the immaculate pool area. Ahhh. I run to the restroom to wash my hands after our bike ride and come back to the table to find a pot of tea waiting for me.


I, of course, start with some crusty gluten-free bread. The butter slides on easily and I try the peach preserves and the blueberry preserves. Both are delicious.



We finish our breakfast and hurry back to the suite. The sun is out. The clouds are nowhere to be seen. It’s time to get some vitamin D!



E brings out his iPad and puts some music on. The sun is hot and the breeze feels perfect. I make my way through all of my magazines, and then it’s time for lunch. We order suite service. When I ask for my sandwich on gluten-free bread, the woman on the phone says, “Absolutely! It’s my pleasure.” I love this place.


The doorbell rings (a favorite book of mine), and within minutes, an elegant table is set for two.


E has the short rib panini with poblano peppers, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese and horseradish mayo.


I have the grouper sandwich.


And a rosemary chocolate for dessert, to make up for skipping it last night.


I start running the water so I can take a bath before going to the spa. There’s no point in washing my hair before a facial. I look around the bathroom and appreciate all the details. They are what make the bathroom so fabulous. I think of ways I can make my bathroom at home feel like a spa…once we own a home.




The water is hot. Ouch. Maybe too hot. I let myself sink down in the tub and enjoy the warmth of the water.


I dry off and get ready for the spa.

{Cover up: Trina Turk}

{Cover up: Trina Turk}

Today I wear my swim suit and cover up and bring a change of clothes to put on when I’m finished. E and I go to the spa together. Again, he’s working out while I lounge. I have given myself the weekend off after waking up every Saturday & Sunday morning for Muscle Blast over the past four months.  I have over an hour to relax before my treatment. Hot steam, cold water, hot water, cold water. I pour a cup of horchata water, grab two magazines, and walk out to the outdoor relaxation room. As soon as I finish the second magazine, Jezabel walks over to me. I did not know we would be together again today, and I am surprised and happy. She takes me down the jungle path to a small building. We walk inside. The smell overtakes me. It is peaceful and energizing. There are wooden blinds that cover the floor-to-ceiling windows in front of me. She has me sit in the chair where she performs the same foot washing ritual with the large heavy bowl. As she is massaging my feet, I wonder why they can’t massage like that at the nail salon. Breathe. She leaves the room while I hang my robe and get situated on the table.


I enjoy the facial and my final amenity of hibiscus water. As I walk into the locker room, a chill rushes over me. I put my feet in the jacuzzi to warm up. Pretty soon, I toss my robe to the side and jump in. I walk to the suite to find E. He is dressed for dinner and looks really handsome. The facial made me so relaxed, I’m sleepy. I take a nap before dinner.


{Top: DKNY, Bottoms: Betsey Johnson | Both from Nordstrom}

After picking out my outfit for the night, I shower outside, throw on my favorite lounge outfit and take my time getting ready.


I didn’t buy any new clothes for this trip, so I focus on my accessories.


We start walking and a man in a golf cart stops to pick us up. He drives us across the property to Punta Bonita, the restaurant by the beach.






Is it almost over? Can we stay?




4 thoughts on “Rosewood Mayakoba Getaway | Part 2

  1. Holy cow – another amazing post. I’m now craving the sun, a massage, and some good food even more!!! Love the post. Also love your outfits 🙂 I cannot wait for my facial and massage on Sunday – have you been to Trellis at the Houstonian before?

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