C + E | The Dress

Ah, wedding dress shopping. Was I excited about it? Not as excited as I get about going to Banana Republic during a 40% sale. I found it to be a tad overwhelming. Shopping is a hobby, not so much something I do out of necessity. All ladies know, you never find a dress when you need to find a dress. But having a short engagement meant I needed to find THE dress pronto. Couple that with a very expensive price tag, and that’s a lot of pressure for a girl!


I actually went alone the first two times I tried on gowns. Had to get an idea of what I wanted, ya know? And I’m just not one of  those girls who wants the opinion of every woman they know when choosing their wedding gown.

Ivory 1

My first stop was Ivory Bridal Atelier. Great experience if you’re looking for a high-end designer gown. There are only two dressing areas, so you are sure to get personalized service and lots of attention.

Ivory 2

However, I didn’t find anything I loved there, or at BHDLN, my second stop (the dress on the bottom right is from BHDLN). Most of all, I can’t imagine spending $6,000 on a dress. No matter what it’s for. Unless I’m nominated for an Oscar.

The day I found my actual dress, I had a late appointment at Now and Forever Bridal Boutique. I assured them I wouldn’t take a lot of time because I make decisions quickly. Honestly, I really only went because my mom wanted to do the try-on-dress-while-drinking-champagne thing. I didn’t really like anything on the hangers and pretty much wanted to leave within the first ten minutes. But, I ended up picking a few, and one in particular that possessed the two qualities that I had adamantly said I did not want…And that’s when I found THE DRESS. There was some promotion going on where I would get 10% off and get the order rushed {perfect timing} for free if I bought it that night.

So my mom and I drank champagne, talked about how perfect of a dress it was, and walked out with a receipt five minutes past closing. It really was a wonderful and fun evening, and I’m so glad I could share the special moment with my mom…and the sweeties at the bridal boutique.

Are you dying to know which dress I chose? Can’t spoil that. I will tell you it’s nothing I’ve ever seen on any wedding blog or Pinterest. And I absolutely love it.

Now, some tips for trying on wedding gowns:

  1. Make an appointment for a weekday so you’ll be able to take your time. Weekends are a lot crazier and appointments book up two weeks in advance at some places. 
  2. Wear your prettiest panties. A stranger will be dressing you.
  3. Always start with champagne.

Did you choose a dress you didn’t think you’d like?




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