How to: Make a Pregnant Lady Happy

Aside from learning how to keep the 15-year-old pregnant girls in my Child Development class happy: let them go to the bathroom and eat Hot Cheetos (not at the same time) whenever they want, I really had no idea how to act around a pregnant lady. So when my sister got pregnant, I kind of had to learn through a little trial and error. Of course all women are different, but here are some dos and don’ts I wish I had known ahead of time…


1. Don’t take her to a biker bar two days after she found out she’s pregnant. In fact, don’t drink around her at all for the first few months.

photo-282. Don’t bring over a deli ham sandwich with soft, unpasteurized cheese and sprouts on top. She can’t eat that junk. Do bring over something fizzy and tasty to drink. These are sugar free {from Whole Foods} and I challenge you to find an unhealthy ingredient on the label.


3. Do throw and/or attend her baby showers. Also, if you’re a first-time aunt, my suggestion is to come up with a themed gift for each shower. Or else you’ll be like me and shop for eight months and buy every adorable thing you see.


4. Do go to the hospital to see the baby and to see if mom needs anything…like some delicious non-hospital food. Don’t bring pungent-smelling flowers. Then you’ll just have mom and baby sneezing the whole time they’re in that tiny room (and wishing you had brought a sandwich).


5. Do go ahead and buy the mom-to-be a soft cotton dress to wear after the baby is born. I found these at Target which are maternity and nursing friendly.

There you have it. Hope these help. Anything else that might help me for the next time around?



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