C+E | The Cake

The Houstonian makes things pretty easy on a bride and groom. The wedding cake is included in the price of the meal, and there’s one person you meet with to choose your cake. Susie, of Susie’s Cakes.


{Susie’s Cakes}

In case you’re like me and wonder how one gets the job of providing all of the wedding cakes for The Houstonian, I will tell you. She made the wedding cake for the daughter of the owner of The Houstonian, 17 years ago, and she’s been making them ever since! What a cake job (pardon the pun!).


{Susie’s Cakes}


She set up a nice little tasting for us, and E was a happy guy. We’re not doing a groom’s cake, so he got to choose the wedding cake flavor {it’s a surprise}, and Susie’s adding a little gluten-free cake on the top so I can have some when we cut the cake! Super easy and fun.

Now originally, I wanted a simple cake like the one above, with flowers cascading down it. Guess how much it costs to add cascading flowers on a wedding cake?? I was quoted $175! I almost had a heart attack. So now I’m looking for a creative cake topper. At least we’ll get to keep it! Any suggestions?




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