Dallas, Texas Spice

Some people absolutely hate Dallas. I absolutely love it. I’m sure there were plenty of great restaurants I could have tried for breakfast, but I was looking for quick and easy, so I headed down to the lobby of the Omni Dallas.


My breakfast at Texas Spice was most definitely my favorite hotel restaurant experience of all time.

IMG_4109 IMG_4112 IMG_4115

Texas Spice is the first LEED-certified green restaurant in Dallas. It was built with reclaimed brick and wood, which makes it have a modern, yet rustic and cozy feel.

IMG_4099 IMG_4100 IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4103


What a buffet! I especially liked the line of colorful casserole dishes that made me feel like I was eating a home-cooked meal. Both the service and food were spectacular.

IMG_4105 IMG_4106

And my most favorite part: the separate gluten-free bread bar! They offer a great variety of breads, muffins, and bagels with separate peanut butter and toaster. The double chocolate muffin was the best!


So Texas and so wonderful. I hope I can get back soon to try it for dinner! Where’s your favorite place to have breakfast in Dallas?




4 thoughts on “Dallas, Texas Spice

  1. sooo…I really thought I posted this the other day (am I crazy and it’s on another post??)
    Oh man. I miss Dallas brunch so much! Our most frequented were Taverna (actually, La Fiorentina while it was open) and Oddfellows. And, our visitors would always have to make it to All Good Cafe. Yummm.

    • first time i’ve read it! thanks for the tips…we’re planning on going back soon to see the new science museum and bush library (that sounds so lame, but it’s totally true). woowoo!

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