St. Regis Atlanta / Hotel Review

IMG_4608 IMG_4612The St. Regis Atlanta is spectacular. Perfect. Luxury at its finest. The building is absolutely gorgeous, and everyone on the hotel staff works incredibly hard to make sure you have a pleasurable experience. And let me tell you a little secret. Always call to book your reservation. Chances are, you’ll get a much better deal than the prices posted online. I called three times, and the price went down every time.

IMG_4491 IMG_4496

IMG_4393The rooms are decorated to be beautiful, soothing and peaceful, and the beds are unbelievably comfortable…

IMG_4384but the bathroom is what really steals my heart!

IMG_4387 IMG_4389 IMG_4391

Ahhh. I could spend all day in that bathtub. And then the next day snuggled up in that robe!

IMG_4532 IMG_4533With the crazy weather we’ve had this year, it was too cold to relax by the pool (a good excuse to go back in the summer!), so I went to the spa instead.

IMG_4525 IMG_4526The chairs in the relaxation room are a bit too stiff and formal to be relaxing, but I do loooove their little chocolates!

IMG_4521After my massage, I gave myself a quick scrub and headed over to meet everyone at the St. Regis bar.

IMG_4537A truly fabulous stay. Next up: Afternoon Tea. Stay tuned!



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