A Monster Bash

My super creative friend Kelly {see her blog here} is the most amazing entertainer. She could invite you over for cheese & crackers, and it would be the highlight of your month. She just has a way…with making what would be an ordinary time, a very special time. And it seems as though she does it all without any effort whatsoever.

Easton1I’m not sure where the year went, but her baby is now a little person…a little monster to be exact, and his mom and dad gave him a great 1st birthday celebration this weekend. Kelly spent $2 decorating this monster-themed bash, and she created all the paper goods with Microsoft Word. The water bottles had little monster labels, and the cups holding the plastic utensils and straws were montstered out as well!


Easton1_monstersKelly definitely learned from the master. Her mom sewed these little monsters that were found scattered all over the house.

Easton1_cakeAnd most important, the cake. Could it be any more perfect? I think not. What was the cutest themed party you’ve ever been to?




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