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1341959682398_3353304If that’s you above, trust me, you lucked out. I wouldn’t say I’ve been a crazy-stressed bride, but I will say, planning would have been a lot LESS stressful without Pinterest filling my head with wedding nonsense. After E & I got engaged, I pinned like crazy…knowing we were having a very small, non-weddingish wedding. But still, I pinned it all. Things like this…

295b297723e485c89bf063b91953bbfa…do NOT help! Once your head is filled with so many rules, it starts spinning, those rules are hurting, not helping. I mean seriously, who is going to count how many gifts they’ve registered for in the $25-$50 range. Um, I thought about it when we went to register in Pottery Barn. Promptly after scanning six towels, I was so overwhelmed, I declared it was time to leave. Isn’t registering supposed to be fun? Not with Pinterest! Let me tell you, we registered {online}. And I did not count how many items are in the $75-$100 range. I’m sorry if that offends you.

eb2c2435c60e0a63c947dddcc10e9970I especially love these engagement ring pins with captions such as, “So simple.” If I was a man, I would be enraged to spend 50 grand on something, and have someone label it “simple.” Do I even need to mention the unrealistic expectations these pins cause? But seriously, isn’t that ring out-of-this-world gorgeous? I’ve been in love with it every day since I was 17, and now I get to wear it every day {different diamond of course!}.

Moving on…

773150e5b52d5a4b69733cecec285e5dWouldn’t your wedding be SO fabulous with these coasters? Find them…not so fast, sister. They’re sold out. Just like everything else you CAN afford on Pinterest. By the time it hits Pinterest, it’s gone. So sorry.

*UPDATE! They’re back! Coasters can be found {here}.

bdf52bd9469b5ee70a592842edd0c8f7How about that dress? Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to wear to your rehearsal dinner? I challenge you to find who designed it or where to buy it. No, for real, I NEED that dress.

Other things Pinterest made me think I NEEDED:

Shetter_Lafferty WeddingA signature cocktail. And guests will obviously expect custom cocktail napkins. Duh.

nanar_varouj_0691$!400xNot only a wedding cake, but a full dessert table.

img_1_600x900$!400xLayered table linens and chandeliers.


Excessive paper goods.


Lights galore.


Oh yeah, and no wedding would be complete without the bride wearing designer shoes. Do you pre-Pinterest brides feel better yet?

ede0c94db28956316e449b699a09d0b3 mg_0835$!400x

Now, I must admit that while there are loads of bogus pins that can easily take your $5,000 wedding to a $20,000 wedding, there are a few diamonds in the rough. Examples being the two above. How would I have ever thought of getting Mia a collar of flowers for our wedding pictures? Go ahead, call me ridiculous.

My point, is to stay focused on what you really want and can afford, and hopefully you won’t get too Pin-stresst. And if you find yourself getting a bit out of hand, I can’t recommend {this book} enough. What was most important to you when planning your wedding?




2 thoughts on “C+E | Pin-Stressed

  1. My nephew got married 5/18 and he and his now bride wanted their lab to be in the wedding but the preacher said no. ;o( Banelli(dog) didn’t get a collar of flowers either way. Pinterest does provide plenty of ideas. The guest book at the wedding was a nice piece of card stock about 24×24 with a tree painted on it with multiple branches. As the guest arrive the ink a finger put a print on the limb and sign their name. I thought that to be very cool and unique. I took a picture of it so I could save the idea for the wedding I hope my daughter has one day. ;o)

    • hey carla! Mia will just be there to take a few pics with us. i doubt the Catholic church would allow her inside! haha. i do like those tree guest books…i also saw one that was a cupcake and people put their fingerprints on top to look like sprinkles. that one’s my favorite!

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