Memorial Day Weekend

What a busy and productive weekend we had! Work will begin on the house this week, so we had lots to do to get ready for the contractors.


We’re losing all the gold light fixtures! The round fixture will go in the entry, and the square will go in the dining room. *Hopefully {online purchase}.


The large pendant will be in the breakfast room, and the two small pendants will go over the kitchen bar.


New fixtures for the bathrooms. Bye bye gold.

048231012591We were also able to purchase our new appliances and ceiling fans tax free this weekend!


Our only major decision left is paint color. Any suggestions for a light neutral color? I cannot waste any more money on paint samples!!




9 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Where’s the Green Painter? I’ve never heard of them. We got lucky with the house we moved to 2 years ago this month….No wallpaper and no gold fixtures. Can’t say that for our last house built in 1977. It even had the newspaper wallpaper in the bath and gold pendant lights in all the baths. Fun but we saw the potential at the time.

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