C + E | Paper Goods


While the major pieces to our wedding puzzle have been decided on for quite a while, I was having a difficult time with the wedding day paper goods. The invitations weren’t a high priority for us because it seemed like everything I loved was $800+, and ultimately, they’re going in the trash. AmIright? I highly recommend Bering’s for invitations if you don’t have a ton of guests. You can buy the card stock for around $1.50/sheet + $17 to set up printing, and they’ll print the invitations in store. After about four days, you have your invitations. That’s where I’m going for our menus as well. Of course I learned all this after a tragic etsy invitation order. Let’s forget about that. Let’s talk Sugar Paper. Our wedding decor is going to be SO fabulous all because of this letterpress printing company.


Now I don’t want to completely spoil the Big Day, but I will tell you that the above coaster is essentially my inspiration for the wedding decor. I found plenty of other goodies at Sugar Paper, and I cannot wait to see it all put together! Big shout out to Ailee Semple at {Snapshots + My Thoughts} for constantly blogging about your love of Sugar Paper and reminding me to check out their site!

Where did your wedding decor inspiration come from?



3 thoughts on “C + E | Paper Goods

  1. Ohhh I want to see your invitations!! I LOVE SUGAR PAPER. And I’m also obsessed with Berings! One of the few stores that pleases both me and Sasha equally! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  2. for us, it was vintage postcards we used as save the dates… we bought them off ebay + only sent out the postcards from places we had visited. they ended up setting the whole tone for the wedding. also – the paper goods were my absolute FAVORITE part of planning! invites, envelope liners, programs… so much fun. wish i could do it all again 🙂

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