Beverly Hills Hotel / Review

I was really drawn to the history of the Beverly Hills Hotel, and that’s why I chose to stay there on my last night of my mini Southern California road trip. It wasn’t the service, furnishings, or food that stood out to me while staying at the hotel, it was the pink + white stripes everywhere, distinct typography, iconic wallpaper, and old school charm. As a marketing person, I can appreciate how much branding effort has gone into making this hotel what it is today.



BHH wallpaperI have one {instagram} photo of the pool because the mean girl at the spa told me, “absolutely no photos can be taken on the property.” Thank goodness I later found out she was being overly strict.

BHH keyYes, that is a real key! I was able to check into my room at exactly 3 pm, so I quickly showered off layers of sunscreen and got ready for Afternoon Tea.

BHH room

BHH bathroom

BHH tub

BHH bathIf any of you are hating me for going on this wonderful trip, I will tell you that the Beverly Hills Hotel keeps the towels on the opposite side of the bathroom from the tub/shower. The floors are marble. After hopping out and grabbing my towel (across the bathroom), I went into the bedroom to grab a brush, and I ran back into the bathroom. Feet + arms went flying in the air, and I landed smack on my bum. If I was a year older, I swear my hip would’ve been broken.

The absolute only reason I was able to pick myself up from that bathroom floor is because I was so excited about Afternoon Tea at the Polo Lounge.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m getting kind of peeved at places that promote their gluten free Afternoon Tea and completely leave off the scones! That’s not allowed! Afternoon Tea = tea sandwiches, scones + Devonshire Cream, and sweet treats. Oh yeah, and tea. I specifically called the Polo Lounge ahead of time to avoid this very issue, and they told me gluten free Afternoon Tea comes with scones. While the sandwiches and sweets were delicious and more than enough for me, I was still a tad disappointed that it was a scone-less afternoon.

BHH tea

BHH tea 2

BHH tea 3 BHH tea 4 BHH tea 5 BHH tea 6 BHH tea 7After tea, I went for a walk down Rodeo Drive {post coming soon!}, and then I headed back to the hotel spa.

BHH spa robe BHH spaThe spa facilities are nothing special. The relaxation room is tiny and dark without any snacks (I suppose most people get in-room treatments here). But I did have THE.greatest.massage.EVER! Seriously. Best ever.

BHH flowersAs I was walking back through the lobby, I decided to stop and have a cocktail at Bar Nineteen12. Why not?

blueberryBlueberry lavender mojito

blueberry 2After my mojito and a mini lobster taco snack, I curled up in my plush bed and fell asleep with the cozy fireplace crackling. It was a divine stay indeed.




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