How To: Set a Table Before You’re Married


I now completely understand the typical timeline of get engaged, get married, and then buy a house. Building our home together has been super fun, and along with all that excitement comes wanting to entertain friends + family. And because we don’t have a complete set of anything,  I could not be more thrilled that the mismatched table is all the rage now! I have a strong feeling there are several other soon-to-be married couples out there in the same boat, so I will show you how to set a beautiful table in 10 minutes (I was one handed, so you can probably do it quicker!) minus the fulfilled wedding regisrty .

DSC_00621. Pull out your linens and find a common color scheme. I own four blue placemats, four purple placemats, and four multi-colored placemats. Hmm…five people for dinner. What to do?

Since the runner (I only have one) has blue stripes, I chose to mix the blue and multi-colored mats for our five place settings. The pink and green paper napkins (left over from this party) added a nice touch and went well with the colorful placemats (+ I only had three cloth napkins clean).


2. Light some candles. Doesn’t everything feel more special when candles are involved? To be completely honest, we have so many candles on this table because my Restoration Hardware light fixture arrived damaged, and I haven’t ordered a new one yet. Whatever, candles are gorgeous. These votives are from Z Gallerie, but you can find them anywhere. The candle sticks were a present from my grandmother, and I found those blue candles in her cabinet when I picked her up for dinner!


3. Add fresh flowers. These aren’t technically fresh, but I basically weeded out all the droopy flowers that have been around since last weekend and filled mason jars with the perky ones. Who needs a crystal Kate Spade vase? E found the mason jars at HEB for super cheap, and I’m always a fan of just the buds peaking out because I’m no professional when it comes to floral arrangements.

DSC_00664. Hope you have enough plates (and forks + knives!). I have a set (by “set” I mean four) of plain white plates which I love because they’re so easy to coordinate with a set table. If I had five, that’s what would have been on the table, but I actually think E’s blue patterned plates look amazing and add some texture to the table. As for the forks and knives, nobody really looks to see if there are two big forks and three small forks…everyone’s just excited to have a fork!

So there it is. You can still host a dinner party – even if your table isn’t Pottery Barn perfect.




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