C + E | Why I Hired a Coordinator


My mom and I went in for our second meeting with Mary Anna at {Keely Thorne Events} this week. Up until this point, I was feeling like I pretty much had it all under control…and then Mary Anna asked me about a million questions – all of which had never crossed my mind before! And that’s why we hired a wedding coordinator.


What kinds of details might a coordinator think about that you wouldn’t know you’re missing just from reading books + blogs? Here’s what’s now on my list of things to figure out…will there be any family jewelry on your bouquet? where will the guys be the day of the wedding? have you made a spreadsheet of which guests are staying in the hotel + their days of arrival (for welcome bags)? where do you want the menus placed on the table? what type of drink will E want to be greeted with after the ceremony? what time will the photographers begin shooting? would you like rose petals or ribbons for the send off? do you want to bring in cocktail tables for the cocktail hour? does the dj require breaks where you’ll have to provide your own music? who’s walking down the aisle and in what order? what kind of pens do you want for the guest book? how will the bridal party get to the church? do you want your personal items packed in the car or in a hotel room at the end of the night? It goes on and on!


Essentially, if it’s not a pretty, I didn’t think about it. Now that we know what we need to know, we can get prepared. And things are falling into place easily. We even got our marriage license today!

What did you see as the biggest benefit to hiring a coordinator? Or maybe the biggest pitfall if you didn’t?




11 thoughts on “C + E | Why I Hired a Coordinator

  1. Love it. Wedding planners are so detailed and thorough (the good ones are, anyway). So it sounds like you have a fabulous company handling your nuptials. Glad to hear things are progressing well and congrats on the marriage license! You’ll be a Mrs. soon!! (PS – Brooch-accented bouquets are always pretty.)

  2. Wedding coordinators are so important to a stress free wedding day! I love being a wedding planner so I am a little biased.. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out! Xoxo

  3. Yayy – the license! Congrats! You’ll be SO thankful to have your coordinator the week of because thinking of what to do/bring/time beforehand is nothing compared to cloud-nine K+E (well, more K, because, really.)

  4. AGREED! hiring a wedding planner was the best wedding decision i made [other than picking my groom, of course]. i was never one of those girls who knew exactly what their wedding was going to look like and all the details left me feeling overwhelmed. so glad you can enjoy a little bit more of the wedding and the process now!

  5. hiring a wedding planner was the best wedding decision i made [other than choosing my groom]. so glad you’ll have more time and less stress, all the better to enjoy your wedding! 🙂

  6. I wish I had one when I got married and I wish I had hired a real photographer. My husband convince me to hire a friend of his who took great pictures just not of weddings.” I’m the bride,,,,I don’t have time to tell you how to take each picture” Grrr. I had written everything down of what I wanted and how but it’s like he forgot how to read. And I didn’t get half the pictures I would have like. Sour grapes now. Live and learn

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