Mexican Honeymoon {Part 1}

I’m convinced that the Rosewood Mayakoba is the.most.romantic.resort.ever. Perfect place for a honeymoon. Upon our arrival, a thunderstorm began to roll in. We were taken by boat to our deluxe overwater lagoon suite (what we lacked in upgrades at The Houstonian – due to getting married on the same day as an NBA player – we certainly made up for at the Rosewood Mayakoba!). As we were cruising down the lagoon, with the rain pouring down, I couldn’t imagine a more romantic way to begin a honeymoon.

For the next few days, we saw both rain and sun, and I was actually quite thankful when we did see the rain. I snuck in some very refreshing siestas!


Any time the sun peeked out, we were sure to be near a pool or the ocean. We ate, drank and relaxed. It was magnificent.


My absolute favorite part of the honeymoon was being able to call this guy my husband!

Cheers! Stay tuned for Part 2…



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all images original to KiKiMac


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