Weekend Recap 09.22.13

DSC_0014 DSC_0020This weekend was especially nice because we got some real attention and QT with my parents + grandma. First, E and I surprised my grandma at church. You should have seen her smile.

With the grandson out of town, my parents had no choice but to spoil the first baby of the family: me! E and I have put landscaping on the back burner because A) we wanted to focus on the inside first, B) plants are expensive, and C) we have no idea how to landscape or where to begin. Well, my mom found a 70% off sale, and she and my stepdad offered to do a little sprucin’ up in the backyard. Can’t say no to that! We have a huge yard to work with and I’m so excited to see it transform into the backyard oasis we know it can be.  I just hope our neighbors forgive us for the five foot pile of trimmings sitting next to the curb (the lessons of being a new homeowner).

After all of their hard work, my amazingly sweet husband cooked my parents and grandma a feast of shrimp tacos + charro beans. How did I get so lucky? I finally got to set our table with all of our new wedding registry goodies! Our new knives are life changers. So are the glasses. And forks. And napkins. All of it! Love it all. And my centerpiece reminds me of my favorite movie quote of all time:

Brooke: What are these?  {Holds up a bag with 3 lemons}    

Gary: You asked for lemons. What my baby wants my baby gets. 

Brooke: There are 3 lemons. I asked for 12. Baby wanted 12. 

What did you do this weekend?   



all images original to KiKiMac

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 09.22.13

  1. such a lovely weekend! when i first moved to dallas, i was excited about being a homeowner, i spent one weekend doing nothing but planting and getting the gardens spruced up. i never looked at those suckers again.ha! so sweet that you have your ‘rents to help!! and the china!!! so exciting…i ate every meal (including pizza and cookie cake) on ours. Justin knew better than to even ask, because that was all i wanted. (i think of that conversation every time i see a group of lemons!)

    • that five-foot pile of trimmings is STILL sitting in our driveway. $140 to haul it away. seriously?! i hope we get some new dishes soon! i didn’t even register for china since we had such a small wedding, but i found the coolest white plates with a gold rim (kind fancy, right?) at pottery barn. that might be my christmas present to myself!

  2. oh i can only imagine the awesome stuff you guys registered for. i can’t wait to see more! also, i use lemons for decor so often i bought fake ones! ha!

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