Happy Birthday to Mia!

We don’t know when Mia’s real birthday is, but today marks the fifth year Mia has been in my life, so we’re celebrating. I adopted a scared, skin and bones pup, and she has turned into such a lady with a personality. She is our best friend, best snuggle buddy, and we think, the best + prettiest dog in the whole world!

Mia loves: leash-less walks, venison + bison, naps on the couch, car rides, when daddy gets home, morning snuggles, giving kisses, eating old Halloween costumes, playing with her sister Sadie, weekend getaways at the Four Seasons, her bunny, cow, duck, turtle, baby, gator, and taking all of her toys out of her toy box after mom cleans the house.

Here are some snaps from her “surprise” party…

Happy Birthday, Mia! Thanks for giving us lots of love!

Tell me about your best dog in the whole world.




all images original to KiKiMac


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