Girl Crush: Annie Dean

Y,all. I have just found and devoured my new favorite blog. Annie Dean’s blog is packed full of gorgeous photos, essential etiquette articles, and fabulous entertaining ideas. You need to check it out!

And here’s 10 reasons why Annie Dean is my new girl crush…

1. Annie Dean celebrates her friends + she has friends that celebrate her. There’s nothing I love more than choosing the perfect gift for someone and then wrapping it to perfection. It seems like a lot of people these days have gotten out of the habit of picking out a thoughtful gift or card and sending to the recipient. I don’t give to get, but everyone appreciates a special gift, no matter the price tag. Anyone want to be gift-giving friends?

2. She contributes to the “Thoroughly Modern Manners” column for my all-time favorite magazine, Town & Country. And every Wednesday, she also publishes an etiquette post on her blog AnnieDean.com. Read it! We all need a lil’ touch up on our manners.

3. We seem to share the same love of Afternoon Tea. Annie hosted the sweetest gender reveal tea party for her best friend who was dying to know the sex of her baby.

4. She confirmed my #1 wedding regret. What was it? E’s tacky rented tux that did NOT fit (thanks, Al’s), and that dreadful clip-on bow tie. In my defense, I got caught up with other wedding obligations, and I let E finagle his way out of not trying it on weeks before the wedding. There are no words to describe how grossed out I was by those dang rented tuxedos. A proper tuxedo for E is now on my list. {How to Tie a Bow Tie}

5. Still on the wedding topic, from the looks of it, she had the wedding of her choice (planned in three months!). Look at that wedding dress! White dress? Not for Annie Dean. That vintage champagne Oscar de la Renta dress is to die for. See the T&C wedding feature here.

6. There is a ‘Correspondence’ tab on her blog. Am I the only person who still loves sending + receiving letters? No, Annie Dean does too! Show me pretty stationery and I’ll show you my heart. She’s also sure to write about the importance of thank-you notes. Thank you.

7. This girl is truly a minimalist. Something happened to me when we moved into our house with lots and lots of storage. I started purging everything I don’t need or use. And it feels amazing. I especially love Annie’s “The Baby Essentials” post. Why do people want so much stuff around all the time? Marketing.

8. Annie hosted a birthday party for her dog. There’s actually a dog bakery in NYC where she had a birthday cake made. Adorbs. We’ll have to step it up next year for Mia’s birthday.

9. She appreciates the pretty and knows how to style a gorgeous table. It’s not intricate styling. Again, minimal decor, but big impact. I appreciate someone who takes the time to dress up a table for their guests. It doesn’t take much, and it makes the occasion so much more festive.

10. Annie Dean is so chic, she makes me want to cut my hair and wear red lipstick. However, I know I’d never pull it off the same way.

Annie Dean, thank you for making my old soul feel a little less out of place, and if you’re ever in Houston, we can meet at Tiny Boxwood’s.



*all images via AnnieDean.com

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