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Bachelorette Party | Hostess Gifts

To show some appreciation to the ladies who planned and hosted my bachelorette party, I picked out a little something useful for each of them.

hostgift-copyWhat’s the secret to giving great gifts? Listen. People will always give away hints about something they want or need within a casual conversation. And it’s fun to give something the person would want, but maybe won’t buy for themselves. Since we were having a pool + spa day, I added the cooling mask packets to the top of the gifts, and I wrote my thank you notes on the Crane notecards with gold sunglasses.

Food : I chose this vegetarian cookbook for my friend who loves to cook. The photos are absolutely stunning, and I liked so many of the recipes, I went out and bought a copy for myself!

Lean In : This book was a gift for a working mom who had asked to borrow my copy. I can’t decide if the message of the book is hopeful or depressing, but it’s still an interesting read.

Lululemon tank : For the work out friend. Who doesn’t love some Lulu?

Have you ever received a host/hostess gift that you loved? What made it so special?




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