Jalapeño Cucumber Lemonade // Custom Cocktail

We received our wedding photos today, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Until then, I have a fun guest post from W Austin hotel about how to come up with your very own custom cocktail. Our reception venue was pretty old school, so there weren’t any creative bartenders jumping at the chance to pour us a special cocktail. That is so not the case at W Austin.

Zausmer0002 (1280x852){Image via Ashley Garmon Photographers}

One of the hottest wedding trends right now isn’t related to the food, music, or décor; it’s the cocktail. In the age of DIY weddings, creating a custom cocktail for the big day is an easy and fun way for the bride and groom to inject their personality into the event. But where do you even start? As head of the popular downtown hotel’s cocktail program, W Austin’s award-winning Libationist, Joyce Garrison knows a thing or two about shaking it up. Always looking for a way to incorporate Austin’s unique and local flavors for the hotel’s visiting guests, Garrison’s signature cocktails feature regional spirits and locally sourced ingredients including honey cultivated from a rooftop apiary above the hotel.

W Austin Cory Ryan{Image via Cory Ryan}

Here are a few of Garrison’s tips for creating a unique and delicious cocktail sure to wow wedding guests:

1. Make it personal – Cocktails can be very personal. Think about selecting flavors and special touches that highlight both the bride and groom’s personalities. For example, a drink that incorporates both sweet and spicy flavors (like W Austin’s Jalapeño & Cucumber Lemonade’s recipe below) is a great way to symbolize a bride with southern charm and a groom who loves spicy food.

2. Think outside the glass – Dating back to the pre-bar days, punch bowls were an important part of the community and a great way for everyone to socialize. Create a special punch to serve during cocktail hour as a way for guests to mingle or try a masculine punch to place near the Groom’s cake. For another personal touch, freeze water in a letter jello mold and have your own floating initial ice cube.

3. Keep it local & seasonal – Using seasonal, local ingredients can help integrate the wedding location and any regional features, while also keeping costs down. Check out local farmers markets to see what is in season and available near your venue. There’s no need to pair the cocktails with the food, as your signature cocktail can be an experience on its own.

4. Parting is such sweet sorrow – Receptions are usually a little crazy towards the end. Create personalized bottles of a cool-down drink for the road, such as a coconut water spritzer with a sprig of mint. This amazing parting gift is refreshing and will help guests recover from the evening’s festivities.

jalapeno cucumber lemonadeAfter getting married on August 31st in Houston, I know Jalapeño Cucumber Lemonade would have been a godsend. Aside from getting to drink (and getting to share with family + friends) your favorite cocktail on your wedding day, I’m also all for the signature cocktail because of the custom signage opportunities.


{Image via snapshots + my thoughts // photographer: Ryan Ray}

Special thanks to Joyce Garrison at W Austin for sharing such a refreshing and unique recipe!

If you had a custom cocktail, what was it? How did you choose?



5 thoughts on “Jalapeño Cucumber Lemonade // Custom Cocktail

  1. Thanks for featuring ours! You’re the best. I’m a St. Germain girl – all day long. I also recently acquired a taste for mojitos that I didn’t have before our mini-honeymoon. The ones at The Carneros Inn were heavenly (as are Tiny Boxwoods!).

    • okay, i don’t think i’ve ever tried st. germain! can you believe that?! i also haven’t tried tiny boxwoods. agghhh! i tried to bring E there last weekend, and he made us leave because the line was so long!

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