Weekend Recap 10.20.13

We continued E’s birthday celebration throughout the weekend. My very generous aunt offered us her football tickets to the game E was dying to go to. A couple days before, I told E we were going to tailgate, and I kept the game tickets a secret for as long as possible. It was awesome to see his reaction when he opened the card with the tickets!

porchSince I knew waking up early, driving to College Station, walking for miles, sitting scrunched for hours, and then driving home afterwards would be pretty tough on the ol’ body, I booked us a room at the Murski Homestead B&B in Brenham, TX.

skyWe relaxed in the country on Friday night, and woke up bright and early excited about the game on Saturday.

ticketsMost perfect birthday card ever {above}.

photo-3 photo-4And what a great game it was! I was especially impressed with the welcoming Aggie fans. We were invited to an Aggie tailgate, and several older Aggies came up to us and said, “Welcome to College Station.” Not quite the same experience that we had in Baton Rouge. It was such a fun time, and I’m so glad E got to spend his birthday exactly like he wanted to.

More on the bed & breakfast coming soon…




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