Halloween 2013: A Ballerina + A Toy Soldier

I was a gymnast in my younger years. And while I wouldn’t trade that experience, I have sort of always longed to be a ballerina. It wasn’t that my mom wouldn’t let me take ballet, I just decided I wanted to sign up long past the appropriate age for the introductory class. I hear they have adult beginner classes now. Maybe some day. Anyway, this year, I wanted to choose a costume that I’d wear for not just one Halloween, but for many. A ballerina Halloween costume: What better way to fulfill my childhood dream?

bunI’d love to give y’all a tutorial since my {DIY Adult Fish Costume} post sends loads of readers to my blog come Halloween season, but I have to give all credit to my girl Nurdan. She worked her amazing touches on my wedding gown (recap: I’m a size 4 up top, size 12 on bottom, and the idiot man at the bridal store made me order a size 10 gown), and when I decided on being a ballerina, I knew she was the one who could make it happen! If you’re in Houston and need an alterations/custom-gown-sewing extraordinaire, {call her}.

grave yardMy tutu was absolutely perfect. Isn’t it the best ballerina pink? To get that look, Nurdan sewed a light pink silk skirt, and then sewed layers of white tulle on top. All I needed to complete the ensemble was a leotard and a bun. I found the leotard at a local dance apparel store, and the bun was created with one of those easy bun sponges in the medium size. A) It is not remotely as easy as it looks on Pinterest, or on the side of the box, and B) That bun should be listed as an extra large, not a medium! Whatever, it was fun.

And because I have the most fantastic husband ever, he wore the toy soldier costume I found for a score on eBay. Close enough to the Nutcracker, don’t you think?

What are you going to be for Halloween?



{all images original to KiKiMac.me}


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