Auburn Game Day | Outfits

Some girls were dressed in football fan apparel at birth. Those are the ones who have been trained to find the cutest outfits in their school colors, and they always look chic at games.

I, however, was raised in a family that was pretty apathetic about football. And I married a dedicated Auburn fan. Even after a few years, I still have trouble dressing the cute/feminine/dedicated fan part. When we first started dating, I’d find orange and blue tops/dresses and I’d be so excited to show E. After a few “that’s Florida orange, not Auburn orange” fails, I gave up. And then the sweet people at the Auburn University bookstore kind of stole my marketing heart with their hand-written thank you notes after each of my orders. I haven’t brought home the wrong orange since.

Just in case there are some other ladies new to the college football scene, I thought I’d share some game day inspiration. Here’s how I balanced my own style with college bookstore apparel at the game last week.

Going to the game...

for the gameVest: North Face | Plaid shirt: J. Crew | Auburn shirt: Auburn University Bookstore Online| Paige denim: Nordstrom | Cross-body bag: Elliot Luca  | Merrell shoes: Nordstrom {ON SALE!} | Auburn shaker: Auburn University Bookstore Online (these were re-used from our wedding send off!)

I like the vest for games because once the sun goes down in those stadiums, it gets chilly! And with a vest, you can still see your team colors. I especially like this shirt because of the War Eagle on the sleeve. Now I know the Merrell shoes don’t quite match, but these are Heaven to walk in, they’re really light, and best of all, I don’t have to wear socks with them. Hate socks. I always have my jeans hemmed like Audrey Hepburn’s cigarette pants. The length is always appreciated when I have to step in a porta-potty or dirty stadium restroom: my pant legs never touch the ground!

For watching the game in the comfort of a home/bar...

at homeLeopard flats: Steve Madden (super old vintage)

What’s your favorite game day style?

xoxo + war eagle,



6 thoughts on “Auburn Game Day | Outfits

  1. cute, cute! I miss Gameday sooooo flipping much. Dressing for it is serious business. I usually went for a purple dress and gold accessories to cheer on our Tigers…it was always hard finding pieces that not eeeeveryone else in Baton Rouge was wearing, so I had to make the styling creative. For J’s school, it’s red, white, and blue…which makes it really easy to go all obnoxious ‘mericuh – so I love it!

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