C + E | Wedding Reception Details

I had so much fun searching for inspiration for our wedding! At one point, my Pinterest wedding board had an insane amount of pins, so I had to think of how I really wanted our day to look and feel – and of course, consider what we could afford.

The cheers coaster from sugar paper served as the inspiration for our black, white + gold wedding décor.

setting - 0010Since we had such a small reception, I really wanted it to feel more like an intimate dinner party. My request for simple white flower arrangements exceeded my expectations, and the room was stunning.

setting - 0043

We had three tables: Georgia {where we met}, California {where we fell in love}, and Texas {where our love grew}.

The escort card board {a time consuming DIY} carried out the theme with gold-glittered backing. The escort card envelopes {really business card envelopes from Paper Source} had each guest’s name written in gold calligraphy and pinned to the cork board with push pins that I dipped in glue and rolled in gold glitter. Inside the envelopes, the name of the guest’s dinner table was written in gold calligraphy as well.

At The Houstonian, the wedding cake is included with dinner if the cake is made by Susie’s Cakes. We paid $40 for a gluten-free cake topper (for our cake cutting photo op), and E chose a regular chocolate cake for the bottom portion (for our guests). The gluten-free cake was t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e., and nobody could tell me how the chocolate cake tasted because everyone hit the dance floor, and the servers took away everyone’s cake before they could eat it. My parents gave us the beautiful crystal toasting glasses, and the cake knife was borrowed from my grandparents, which was a gift from their 50th wedding anniversary!

setting - 0060We also added a chocolate truffle and a macaron to each dessert plate. One of the best surprises of the night was when I was brought a huge chocolate macaron filled with raspberries. At least the bride’s dessert wasn’t taken away prematurely!

Instead of a guest book, we had a sugar paper heart print for guests to sign. We also had the sugar paper ‘Advice for the Couple‘ cards from BHLDN, which were so fun to read after our honeymoon.

setting - 0073We had few small flower arrangements in mint julep glasses for the cocktail tables.

And an Auburn shaker send off!

Thanks for reading, y’all!

setting - 0018{Thank you cards and gift tags below are from sugar paper as well!}



PS – Here’s my inspiration board for our wedding:

{all images via paper antler photography}


13 thoughts on “C + E | Wedding Reception Details

    • aw, thanks ailee! haha. well at one time i had hopes of covering the escort card board with mementos from our relationship and displaying at the rehearsal dinner, but i let that go!

  1. Gorgeous! I love all of the lovely paper pieces, especially the calligraphy for the states. It’s wonderfully curated with really personal touches of y’all. Do you know I’m looooving picking apart each of your details! 😉

    • thanks, annie! i had the same calligrapher that did the state signs do our invitations, and they turned out HORRIBLE! so after paying for invitations twice, the keepers weren’t anything to get excited about. pick away! after reading this post, i can’t figure out what i was so stressed about! i felt like there were a ton more tiny details when it was happening!

      • oh no! you’re kidding me. what a heartbreak. (I mean, obviously not completely, but when you’re in the thrones of planning your wedding, it sure feels like it!) I know exactly what you mean about the details. SO many details. Ahh! Your wedding was seriously beautiful!

        and I’m just noticing, you’re halloween tutu (which I’m obsessed with) reminds me of your skirt…Was your weddingdress a two-piece?

  2. yes, the halloween tutu was inspired by the wedding gown (but first pinterest!). it would have been way more comfortable and cheaper had the wedding dress been two pieces (since my top and bottom are such different sizes!). don’t know why i didn’t think of that in the beginning.

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