Dinner in Brenham

After freezing our tushies off at {the game}, E and I were ready to eat a nice hot meal. Since we were staying just outside of Brenham, we thought it would be fun to try out something in downtown Brenham. Such a cute town square. Since it was E’s birthday weekend, he got to choose the restaurant.

Now I’ve spent lots of time in small country towns, so I didn’t have high hopes of finding a gluten free dinner in Brenham. And I was pleasantly proven wrong at BT Longhorn Steakhouse.

BT Longhorn

The historic building dates back to 1886. What used to be a saddle shop, is now a down-home steakhouse with a lot of personality. Upon entering, you’re sure to notice the gorgeous antique bar dating back to the turn of the century. But what really impressed me was our server. She was friendly, prompt, and best of all, she was confident that I’d have no problem eating a gluten free meal there. The food was rich and delicious, and we were both well fed that night!

Where’s your favorite place to eat in Brenham?




2 thoughts on “Dinner in Brenham

  1. We at the Ant Street Inn for breakfast and it was tasty. And for dinner we went to the steak house in Carmine just off 290. It was yummy.
    I’ll have to tell my husband about the BT Longhorn Steakhouse.

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