Christmas Gift Wish List // Baby Boy

Due to some major life-changing events this year, i.e., buying a house + getting married, the Christmas gift budget is tighter than usual. I actually enjoyed being a little more creative this year and coming up with thoughtful gifts. But, it’s still fun to “window” shop. I’ll be featuring some of my dream gift lists for various family members. Hope you enjoy!

wish list_nephew

1. Bonbon Bunny

2. Adorbs PJs  {this sweater is pretty great too}

3. Kid’s Classic Box Set {couldn’t hurt to throw in this book as well}

4. Baby Seal Suit

Isn’t that the most precious bunny? It looks incredibly soft and squishy. The best kind of lovie. Those jammies are made of organic cotton, and again, look so soft. I know a 10-month-old won’t understand these books, but I think it’s important to read to children no matter the content, and they’re probably more interesting for mom to read. A box set of classics will also be super cute displayed on a bookshelf, and they’ll be a fab keepsake. A baby seal suit! Are you serious?! There couldn’t be anything more darling! What’s your favorite?




4 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Wish List // Baby Boy

    • can’t wait to see what you come up with!! i finally ordered our christmas cards from tiny prints. i had never heard of them, but got a coupon in the mail. they got me!

  1. love the bunny! As a kid I had a (probably unhealthy) obsession with stuffed animals…2 teddy bears from pottery barn were one of my first purchases for Easton. When I was still pregnant, I’d hold them on my belly and dream about him playing with him and falling asleep snuggled up with them. I keep trying to get him to love them the way I do, but he wants nothing to do with ANY of his stuffed animals 😦 he’d much rather take his toy motorcycle to bed at night. *sigh*

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