Christmas Gift Wish List // Sister

If you’re just tuning in to my Christmas Gift Wish List series, here’s the deal…we’ve got a tight gift budget this year, but I love to shop for my family. These are my dream gift wish lists. If we lived in la-la land, I would be shopping ’til I dropped and spoiling each of my family members. But we don’t,  so this is satisfying my Christmas shopping urge, and hopefully giving you all some inspiration for your own gift giving enjoyment.

This gift list is for my sister: attorney and new mom. I know that Cuyana cape doesn’t look like much on the model to the left, but look how chic it is draped in the pic to the right {also seen on the adorable Caroline Knapp here}. For some reason, those cocktail napkins remind me of my grandma {Gigi}, and I know my sister would love them for that very reason. And isn’t that Smythson notebook fantastic? I want. Make it happen.

wish list_Sister

1. Alpaca cape

2. Reindeer cocktail napkins

3. ‘Make it Happen’ notebook




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