Christmas Gift Wish List // E

This inspiration list is for the guy who tells me not to buy him  presents: my husband, E. A fancy shaving kit because most people won’t buy one for themselves  / the earphone case because he often forgets where he left them / a sturdy and spacious weekender for impromptu getaways / Santa wrapping because you can never be too old / personalized PJs because I love seeing E in pajamas / a giraffe trinket holder because giraffes are E’s favorite animal (and I get nervous when he leaves his wedding ring next to the sink) / giraffe napkins – partly for E and partly for me – isn’t that print gorg? / and a leather monogrammed tray for drinks in the study /

Christmas Gift Wish List E

1. Shaving stand and 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave

2. Earphone case

3. Overnight bag

4. Santa gift wrap

5. Pajamas

6. Giraffe

7. Giraffe napkins

8. Leather monogrammed tray 




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