Houston, TX

Macaron by Patisse

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I have a new favorite place: Macaron by Patisse. This sweet shop is run by a brother-sister team who are so incredibly passionate about their business. You can always find one of them at the front counter eager to help you make a decision. With only a small staff of 10, they create 22 flavors of macarons fresh each day. Be sure to go early, because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

macaron 6 macaron 8Each macaron is about 50 calories, and instead of loading their treats with sugar, they’re loaded with flavor. The pistachio macarons have ground pistachios in the shell. The cappuccino dark chocolate macarons have ground espresso beans in the shell. Each new flavor I tried instantly became my favorite.

macaron 10But if I was forced to choose a favorite, I’d have a three-way tie: pistachio, raspberry, and fig & goat cheese. Wait…fig & goat cheese?

macaron 3That’s right, my friends, fig & goat cheese. Macaron by Patisse is the first to come up with such a concoction in macaron form. Inspired by Sukaina’s favorite pizza, the fig & goat cheese macaron was born. It sounds so odd, but you must go try one! A fig & goat cheese macaron with a glass of bubbly is all the rage at dinner parties thanks to this inventive sweet boutique. Torn on what to serve your gluten-free guests during cocktail hour? Problem solved.

macaron 4They also serve several unique loose leaf teas and Italian sodas.

macaron 5

macaron 1macaron 12The macarons are showcased in a beautiful light-filled space in the River Oaks shopping center on W. Grey {next to Starbucks}. And just in time for the holiday shopping season, you will soon be able to snag your macarons inside the Galleria at their newest location.



PS- Macaron by Patisse is offering two special holiday flavors: pumpkin spice and eggnog. Happy Thanksgiving!


7 thoughts on “Macaron by Patisse

    • it is! and they’re so nice and helpful! they have pretty boxes, so they would make great gifts. if there was a place that could make vegan macarons, this is it. worth asking!

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