Thanksgiving | Outfit Inspiration

thanksgiving outfit

1. Cashmere Tee Dress // 2. Embroidered Cascade Necklace // 3. ‘Harrow’ Bootie // 4. Hughes Satchel

If you wear pants on Thanksgiving, you’re just not taking the holiday seriously! I’ve actually never been a huge fan of pants, but a comfortable dress is definitely the way to go if you plan on eating a bit more than usual. And it’s cashmere! What could be more cozy? For your accessories, add a fun statement necklace (a scarf could get messy and a belt would be too constricting) and a fall-colored bag. And I’m sort of in love with those booties, so I had to include them.

What does your Thanksgiving uniform look like?




4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving | Outfit Inspiration

    • i know, it would be a long-time keeper! my pants are always tight these days, so i’ve been wearing lots of dresses. ha! no i haven’t tried sinful. i think i’ve seen their stuff at central market and georgia’s? if i’m thinking of the right brand…i only remember seeing vegan. i’ll have to check them out!

    • thanks! i have a hard time finding pants that fit, so i typically try to wear dresses even in the cooler months. caroline wears those booties with everything on House of Harper blog. check her out!

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