Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

In case you haven’t already nailed down your Thanksgiving menu, here’s a fresh take on traditional Thanksgiving fare…

thanksgiving menu

Appetizer: (1)  Pumpkin, bacon, goat cheese crostini drizzled with honey

Cocktail: (2) Pomegranate-cranberry sparklers

Turkey: (3)  Goode Co. mesquite smoked turkey

Sides: (4) Vanilla bean-whipped sweet potatoes (5) Roasted vegetables with pomegranate vinaigrette (6) Olive-oil mashed potatoes with garlic and sage  (7) Sausage pear stuffing

Desserts: (8) Pumpkin pie cheesecake (9) Almond torte with pears and whipped cream

What’s the one thing you keep on your Thanksgiving menu every year?



{all images via linked sources}


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

    • so do we! lots of casseroles with lots of ingredients i can’t eat! i like that all of these recipes have simple, fresh ingredients, but lots of flavor. let me know if you end up making any of them!

  1. and speaking of over-planning, I offered our place to hold Thanksgiving and everyone invited is European, which means we’ll be doing the majority of the cooking (I’LL be doing it until J gets home right before they come over!), which means I’ll probably pull this up and take it with me to the grocery store on Thursday….so THANK YOU! hehe

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