So Alaina’s Boston Weekend Guide: Day 1

Hi new friends + KiKiMac readers!  I am so excited to be here guest posting on KiKiMac today.  A couple of months ago I hosted her for a guest post on my blog, So Alaina, and I am so happy to be here doing the same for her!

I’m a Boston Blogger, and ohmygoodness do I love my city.  There is SO much to do and see and eat and drink there.  I’m here to share with you a little peek of what Boston has to offer, and throw some recommendations your way should you ever come visit our little corner of New England.

day one.south endMy hubs + I live in the South End [not to be confused with Southie, a close but very different neighborhood with a deceptively close sounding name], which is chock full of great bars and restaurants.  I am not even the least bit ashamed to say that one of my favorite things to do in Boston is EAT.

day one.south end2Let’s call day one your arrival day in Boston.  This is a perfect opportunity for something a little low key to welcome you to the city, such as exploring the South End.  We usually like to take friends or family for a walk down Tremont Street into all the fabulous little shops, such as Gifted.  If time allows, from Tremont walk a few blocks over to Shawmut Ave to explore the amazing boutiques lining the street.  Try on some beautiful Michele Mercado Jewelry or flowing dresses in Flock [think: a cross between Free People and Anthropologie].  If you’ve got a while til dinner, treat yourself to a cup of coffee and something sweet at The Buttery the place in the South End for coffee.

day one.south end3For dinner, the best restaurant in the South End, without a doubt, is Stella.  Make reservations – the place fills up! – but if you are stuck waiting for a table, grab a seat at the bar and check out their amazing libations list.  They have something for everyone and every season.  After dinner, walk down the street to The Gallows for after dinner drinks.  If you aren’t sure what you want, have one of the bartenders mix up a specialty – they have some of the best bartenders in the city.

*Alaina has created a fun guide for an entire weekend, so be sure to check back and read what’s on her list for days two and three!



{all images via  So Alaina}


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