So Alaina’s Boston Weekend Guide: Day 3

This post is the third installment of So Alaina’s Boston Weekend Guide. Click {here} to view day one and click {here} to view day two. 

day three.SOWA

On day three, it’s time to really live like the locals do.  Head back into the South End for SOWA Sundays, an outdoor marketplace.  Part farmer’s market, part art exhibit and part vintage market, you can easily kill a day wandering through the stalls of SOWA.  Local vendors show off their handcrafted goodies, selling everything from freshly baked bread to knit scarves to hand painted home decor.  Bonus: SOWA is a haven for food trucks on Sundays, so wander through the maze of brightly colored cooking cars and find whatever you are craving – whether it’s a giant cookie filled with ice cream, steaming Vietnamese noodles or crispy tacos.

day three.SOWA thrifting

For your last meal in Boston, try one of Boston’s South End staples and a personal favorite of mine: Gaslight .  This cozy French brasserie serves up Brunch, Lunch and Dinner – so take your pick and plan to stay a while, sampling cocktails, sipping wine and enjoying your multi-course dinner.

day three.gaslight

If you’ve had enough shopping, get to know Boston’s historical side by walking the Freedom Trail throughout the city.  The Freedom Trail follows the path of Paul Revere’s famed Midnight Ride, and happens to go through the most historically important parts of the city.  Included along this route is Faneuil Hall, another great place to eat and shop [if you can’t tell what I love to do here].  Street performers fill the cobbled sidewalks and tourist traps are everywhere, but it’s a sight nonetheless.  Stop for a pint at The Green Dragon Tavern, an important meeting place before and during the Revolutionary War.  From there it’s a short walk to the Harborside, another great Boston neighborhood right on the harbor.

day three.harbor day three.faneiul hall

And if you have an extra day in Boston, get out of town!  Rent a car or take the train up to Gloucester [local’s note: pronounced GLOU-ster] and take in the famous fishing village.  The seafood is some of the best there is and all locally-sourced by Gloucester fishermen.

Author’s note: None of this is sponsored.  I just love my city that much.  Seriously, check it out sometime.

Thanks again to Christie for having me, and hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime. I promise I don’t just blog about Boston – but also writing [I’m a freelance writer by trade], pregnancy [my first is due in April!] and the occasional cocktail recipe.

*A note from KiKiMac: Wow. A huge thank you to Alaina for providing such an awesome guide to Boston! It’s been on our travel list for quite some time, and I think it’s time to start saving for a trip. Hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did!



{all images via So Alaina}


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