Thanksgiving // Table for Two

DSC_0105This year, E and I decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner for two. We were originally going to host, but plans changed, and with all the hustle and bustle the season brings, it sounded quite fantastic to cook a small meal for two. It’s definitely not something we plan to do every year, but this first year as a married couple, it felt special for us to be able to celebrate just the two of us. {Note: my grandmother has already called completely distraught that we won’t get family time. Also note: we see our family every weekend!}

We slept in, put in a workout at the gym, had a leisurely breakfast,  I made my favorite pumpkin pie cheesecake, and since neither of us are crazy about turkey, we’re roasting a lamb. We’ll head to my sister’s for dessert + egg nog later this afternoon.


eggnog2I’m thankful for my relaxing day off, spent with my husband and boxer. I’m also thankful for you! Thank you for reading KiKiMac. For the likes, the comments, the emails. Thank you. And Happy Thanksgiving!




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