Our Advent Calendar

tree 1Since today is the first day of the Advent season, I want to share our homemade Advent calendar…

Materials: Kraft Bags // Red Stripe Fabric Tape // Wooden Clothespins // Holiday Expressions Tags

I was going to get creative with the daily treats, but then I decided to make things easy on myself. Whole Foods was selling a little bag of 26 chocolate coins (no icky corn syrup!), and I went with that. My favorite part of all are the holiday expression cards:  twinkle, merry, peace, celebrate, rejoice, blessings, wonder, grace, cheers, miracle, laughter, joy, and hope. All wonderful reminders during the Advent season.

Did you make your own Advent calendar this year? Send me a link, I’d love to see it!




8 thoughts on “Our Advent Calendar

  1. this is adorable! i have a little boxed one i just fill with candy, but haven’t even gotten that far yet. well done girl!

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