Houston, TX

Warm Up at Brenner’s

Brenner’s is a fancy steakhouse that’s right down the street from our house. From the outside, it looks like an adorable old house. Inside, it’s warm and cozy with a crackling fireplace. Out back, it’s beautifully landscaped with a pond and sprawling trees wrapped with twinkly lights. The perfect setting for a date night…or even better, a night out with your favorite lady friend.

warm up

Kelly and I met one cold and rainy night for a warm up, as they call it at Brenner’s. I had the Black Gold {pictured above} which consisted of fresh coffee with Disaronno Amaretto, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Frangelico & Cointreau with a hint of  cinnamon-spiced sugar. Um yum. If dinner at Brenner’s isn’t in your budget, I highly recommend getting your fancy fix with an after dinner drink!



{image original to KiKiMac}


3 thoughts on “Warm Up at Brenner’s

  1. Sheesh – someone can’t hold the glass straight for pictures. Haha, sorry, but I had fun! We must group again before Christmas 🙂 Maybe one day next week…or the week after…my schedule is pretty open at this point. I mean, aside from the whole mom gig – but I can call in reinforcements!

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