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Happy Engagement | Max’s Wine Dive Brunch

J and I had been trying for months to nail down a date to celebrate her engagement! Finally, the stars aligned, and we both had an empty Saturday. She chose Max’s Wine Dive, and I couldn’t have been more excited.


Maybe it’s just me, but when E and I got engaged, I wanted nothing more than for a girlfriend to invite me out for a glass of celebratory champagne and gift me a bridal mag to gush over. So that’s what I did for my girl J.


cardI packed up all of my wedding magazines {heavy!} and wrapped them up pretty. While not an expensive gift, it was still much appreciated.

table egg sandwich barAnd then we drank mimosas, ate, and chatted for a few hours. The best.




PS – The food + service are superb at Max’s. And it is now gluten-free friendly with okay items specifically listed on the menu. The servers are very knowledgeable about their gluten-free dishes as well!


2 thoughts on “Happy Engagement | Max’s Wine Dive Brunch

  1. thats so sweet of you! I totally felt the same way….but most of my friends hadn’t been married yet so they didnt understand how special stuff like that is. shes lucky to have you! and that sandwhich looks amazing..

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