Our First Married Christmas: The Tree

boo bear

treebearE and I decided to start the tradition of giving each other an ornament each Christmas. We’re pretty mushy gushy in our house, and the term “boo bear” gets tossed around a lot. Sometimes it’s even incorporated into songs. I hope we always keep it light, playful, and fun in our house. That’s what boo bears do. And that’s why I chose the boo bear ornament for E this year! May the rest of our years be filled with boo bear, mushy gushy playfulness. What tree trimming traditions do you have?



PS – If you want to see our mantle in detail, see {this} post, and the boo bear ornament was purchased at The Accessory Place.

{all images original to KiKiMac}

6 thoughts on “Our First Married Christmas: The Tree

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