Our First Married Christmas: A $20 Limit

This year, E and I gave ourselves a $20 Christmas gift limit. Buying under such a strict limit was extremely difficult for me. And full disclosure, I splurged on a few extras, like a meaningful ornament and some luxe essentials {socks + boxers}. But the $20 limit really forced me to think extra hard about what to get E. I tried to think of something he would need, but wouldn’t buy for himself. And then it hit me: E often takes baths, and he’s always loved the specialty {mostly Jack Black} grooming products I have gifted in the past. When I found this tub elixir in a whisky bottle, made by Manready Mercantile, I knew it was the perfect gift. Soothing elements for aches, pains, hangovers, insomnia, stress + more. And it was $19.99. Match made in Heaven.

Well Groomed

Tub elix1tub elix 2

Manready has a pretty cool collection of goods online if you’re looking for a unique gift for your man. What did your favorite guy get for Christmas?



{all images original to KiKiMac}


3 thoughts on “Our First Married Christmas: A $20 Limit

  1. Such a good idea to have a budget!!! Sasha never buys himself anything, so he needed a lot of things (rain jacket, new running shoes, new work shirts, etc.). I think we’ll definitely do a budget next year. Great selection though!!!

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