My Godson’s First Christmas

Since I knew my adorbs godson would be well taken care of in the toys/fun gifts department, I decided on a couple religious gifts for his first Christmas.

d baptism

Baby D + Gigi at his Baptism

baptism 1Baby D was baptized back in July, and I actually found this DIY book back then {from Theodore’s}, but it took a few weeks to get my own copy, and a few more months to actually order + pick up the prints. And then a while longer to place the photos and fill in the blanks of the book.

baptism 2

baptism 3

baptism 4I also ordered the book below, “Christmas in the Manger” for a steal off Amazon. It was illustrated by Felicia Bond, of “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” + “If you Give a Moose a Muffin” (who sat next to my mom in high school art class), which solidified the purchase. It’s a super cute board book and perfect for a first Christmas.

mangerWhat kinds of gifts do you like to give your godchildren?



{all images original to KiKiMac}


3 thoughts on “My Godson’s First Christmas

    • Thanks, Ailee! I try. It’s all very new to me because I didn’t have involved godparents. I recently had to ask my mom who my godparents are – she couldn’t remember either!

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