Home Update: The Perfect Sconces

December 29th is my Gigi’s birthday. Fabulous is the best word I can use to describe her. She was a collector of beautiful things. I can vividly remember the inside of my grandparents’ homes because I would stare in awe at the beauty of the surrounding objects. Trying to soak in her exquisite taste and hoping that a tiny bit of her fabulousness would wear off on me.

sconce 2She had a house full of gorgeous art, antiques and knickknacks when she passed away, but everything went into the homes of family who lived near her. For awhile, I told myself that my memories of Gigi were enough to warm my heart. But the truth is, it’s comforting to have objects near you that remind you of the people you have loved and lost.

sconceI joined a local trading group via Facebook. When these sconces popped up one day, I knew I had to have them. They immediately reminded me of Gigi.

My grandfather developed several neighborhoods in the Memorial area of Houston. When I went to pick up the sconces, the woman selling them lived in a house that my grandfather built, on the same street that my dad grew up on. To further add to the what-a-small-world-this-is experience, she said they were purchased from an antique store in Baton Rouge {run by a friend + neighbor from Savannah, and her mother}, and they had picked them up in France on a buying trip.

The niches remained empty for several months after we moved in to our home. And every time I walk by the sconces, I’m so happy I waited to fill the space. Having them in our home is a constant reminder of my grandmother, and every woman in my family who has seen them has said the same thing.

Do you have a favorite piece in your home that reminds you of someone you’ve lost?



PS – I had to search for the perfect taper candles as well. Those are on sale at Sur la Table right now!


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