Auburn Football| Party

how to diyYes, I do realize Auburn lost last night. But what a game! Gus Malzahn, you did the unthinkable: You converted me into a true blue [+ orange] Auburn football fan. As you can see below, I almost had as much fun decorating for the big game as I did watching it!


entryway auburn

mantle crop

cookie closeupSince we were having a party, I had an excuse to decorate. Makes things more fun, in my opinion.

I essentially crafted my own blue, white and orange pennant flags, and I hung them with fishing wire wherever there was a place. The shakers were leftover from our {wedding exit}, and I stacked rolls of toilet paper {to incorporate Toomer’s Corner} and wrapped blue and orange ribbon around the rolls. The Auburn balloons, plates, napkins and cups came from Party City. I couldn’t think of anything orange and blue to put inside my entryway lamp, so I made some yarn tassels {see the tutorial here}and tied them around the lamp.

We had a slider bar, sweet potato fries, and some other goodies to snack on. And my favorite spirited items of all {despite me not being able to eat them!} were the sugar cookies made by Ooh La La.

War Eagle!



PS – Here’s my Pinterest inspiration board for the party!

{all images original to KiKiMac}


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