Birthday | Outfit Inspiration

Not only is my favorite holiday {Valentine’s Day} coming up, my birthday is also on the horizon! I get excited about my birthday every year because I’ve realized as I age, I improve. Each year I find that I take better care of myself, I learn a little bit more, I’m easier on my flaws, and all that makes me enjoy my life more and more.

One of the things I’ve learned is that if you’re birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day, and you’re past the age of 13, your girlfriends will most likely be ditching you on your birthday for their guy of the week/year/lifetime. The other thing I’ve learned is that my husband {first Valentine’s as my husband, woowoo!} doesn’t get as excited as I do about going all out for Valentine’s Day and then my birthday. I think I wear him out with all the Valentine hoopla before my birthday even gets here!

This year, I’ve made it easy on him, as I’ve planned a birthday celebration before my actual birthday. We’ll be dining and staying overnight at The Houstonian {a gift from the hotel that we’ve been saving for a special occasion}. Here’s my outfit inspiration for our night out for my “birthday”…

birthday outfit

J. Crew Necklace  // Leith ‘Cut In’ Tank Dress (it’s only $46!) // Chanel Rouge Coco Shine – Suspense  // Gigi New York Clutch  // Sam Edelman ‘Della’ Pump (on sale!) // Chanel Nail Colour – Rose Exuberante



{images via linked sources. layout original to KiKiMac.}


4 thoughts on “Birthday | Outfit Inspiration

  1. LOVE this look! and i totally feel your pain on the valentine’s birthday – my birthday is on valentine’s day. we usually celebrate my birthday on my birthday, and pick a special day later to celebrate valentine’s day.

    • i remember finding out our birthdays were close that first time we met at dinner in colorado! that is a great idea to celebrate on different days. i ended up finding a great bday dress on super sale! so excited to wear it!

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