Valentine DIY: Part 1

Next week I have some lady friends {Ailee + Danielle} coming over for brunch and a little Valentine craft. At first, the focus was on brunch, but between the three of us, no gluten, dairy, or meat can be consumed. Even I’m stumped! So while I may not be able to come up with a full brunch spread, I knew I could at least find something cute to create. And then I found A LOT of great ideas {so many that I had to break it into two posts!}. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites and corresponding links to find  the tutorials…

KiKiMac Valentine's DIYs

1. Fringe 3-D Heart | 2. Ombre Heart Canvas Art  | 3. Wall of Love | 4. Salt Dough Conversation Hearts | 5. XO Glitter Letters | 6. Cupid’s Arrows | 7. Remember, I Love You | 8. Love Pennant Frame

Which is your favorite? I’m so loving the Remember, I Love You! Okay, okay. I really love them all. Stay tuned for part two!



PS – Any recipes for vegan, gluten free brunch food? Send ’em my way!

{all images via linked sources. layout original to KiKiMac.}


8 thoughts on “Valentine DIY: Part 1

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    • have you started leaving your hearts around? i took it out to take a few pics for that one post, so we went ahead and started leaving them around. it is so fun and sweet! of course e puts them in romantic places like inside the toilet paper roll. hahaha!

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