KiKiMac’s 2nd Blogiversary

Happy two years to the blog today! KiKiMac’s journey began on January 18, 2012 with the post The Fabulous Life. Do you remember that VH1 show? It was my favorite. My life was {obviously} not anywhere near as fancy as the people’s lives on the show, but I wanted a place where I could constantly remind myself that I did indeed have a fabulous life. We all do! It’s all about your state of mind, not your circumstances. KiKiMac has been the perfect avenue to express myself creatively, while forcing myself to focus on the positive. I have been supported by old friends and new. I have connected with like-minded people that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to know without KiKiMac. And I have loved every single comment and email.

That being said, I’ve also dealt with my fair share of haters. I’m the kind of person who seeks out the fairy tales, the fantasy vacation stories, the fabulous life photos. Not once have I read of others’ blessings and turned bitter. However, I have encountered others who don’t feel the same way. To them I say: If you want to read about bad things, watch the news. I’ve gotten the calls with the “love your blog” and mean girl giggles after. People talk behind my back about the choices I make. I get made fun of for being proper and boring and for staying at B&Bs. But I get to write about what makes me happy. I don’t want to portray my life as being perfect, because it’s not. But having a place to focus on beauty and love and good experiences makes me feel like I have the most fabulous life. So why would I change that?

KiKiMac's 2nd BlogiversaryThese past two years blogging have been immensely fun. I love the challenge of constantly improving KiKiMac with better photography, ideas, graphics and writing. This year, my goals are to have a new site designed and to do some product reviews and/or sponsorships. Wish me luck + I hope you continue to enjoy stopping by!



{graphics original to KiKiMac}


14 thoughts on “KiKiMac’s 2nd Blogiversary

  1. Love the graphic for your stats! Great idea! May have to copy for my giveaway post 🙂 Which I’ve decided a bottle of Red Velvet should most definitely be included, good idea!

    Love keeping up with you on the blog and so glad that, most of all, you’re ENJOYING IT!

  2. So fun! Congrats girly…this is fantastic. I’m so thankful we’ve (J says hi) gotten to know you through this little space! I just think you’re a doll and you push my creativity, so thank you for that! Now, where’s the bubbly?

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