Decorating for Valentine’s Day

After finding tons of Valentine’s Day decor inspiration {posted here and here}, I loaded up my cart at Hobby Lobby and got to work this weekend. First up were these paper mache hearts…

heart garland: KiKiMacThe original inspiration seemed a bit too time consuming by the time I got home, so instead I created pink ombre hearts inspired by Ailee’s post. I strung them up with fishing wire {my new best friend} and then added the white tulle bows to keep them evenly spaced and in place.

Valentine entry: KiKiMacI used some leftover paper scraps to create a heart print for my gold frame {repurposed from our wedding}. For the lamp, I want to find a pale pink satin ribbon to tie around the top of the glass. Wish me luck!

Valentine entry: KiKiMacTo decorate our sconces, I added these little heart wreaths first used as decor at my birthday tea party a few years ago.

heart sconceOur home is very open, and I love how you can see the mantle from the front door. It makes it the perfect place to showcase seasonal decor that can be seen as soon as you step inside. I bought the same type of pennant flag as I used for the Auburn game, and added pink + white scrapbook paper to the flags. The white flags may need something extra, so I might add ‘L-O-V-E’ in gold if I have time later.

XOXO Valentine Decor: KiKiMacThe glittered letters turned out to be my favorite of all. And XOXO: What better way to celebrate a 2nd blogiversary than to make those cuties!? I’ll have a lil’ tutorial on those later. They were relatively simple, and I loooove the way they turned out!

XOXO Valentine Decor: KiKiMac be mine XOXO Valentine Decor: KiKiMac

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Send me a photo if you do!



{All images original to KiKiMac}


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